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If the Los Angeles Rams are looking to make moves before training camp, here are three players worth considering from the Buffalo Bills in a trade.
When it comes to the Los Angeles Rams, the team has proven over the last two years that nothing should be ruled out in regards to pulling off moves if it will put them in better position to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Take a look at all of the crazy moves made last offseason when the Rams were in win-now mode ranging from acquiring Brandin Cooks to Marcus Peters, and it’s clear this team will do whatever it takes to make sure they remain a top contender in the NFC.

With this in mind, could Los Angeles be up for making another key move or two before the start of training camp later this summer to make their odds for another Super Bowl run even better?

The Rams may not have hinted at making any sort of moves since the team already helped fill numerous needs at multiple positions through free agency and the draft, but also it’s safe to assume the team is exploring all potential options.

Even though the Buffalo Bills took a bit of a step back last season after emerging as a surprise playoff contender during the 2017 season, Sean McDermott‘s squad currently has a few good players a team like Los Angeles should consider in a heartbeat.

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These trade scenarios may seem like long shots to take place, but to have a little fun this offseason, let’s take a look at three trade targets the Rams should consider from the Bills for the 2019 season before training camp arrives.


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